Childhood Stress

We’ve all felt the relief of getting home after a stressful day.  As adults, most of us have developed our own coping mechanisms for getting through the day.  We know what strains our brains in the worst ways and we know how to handle it.  For children, especially the very young, dealing with stress can be a much more difficult task. 

Tick Season

Ticks are pretty horrible, as pests go. If they weren’t so wee, they’d be an easy horror movie monster--the sort of thing that could make Universal a new franchise.

Ticks are not above us on the food chain, making an excellent meal for birds and lizards and various other fauna, but they can and will feed on human blood quite happily. You can help prevent tick bites in your yard and home, and help keep your children from becoming a bug’s feast. Here’s a handy guide for waging war on the little blood-sucking arachnids.