Sports Can Hurt

The middle of the school year is upon us, and sports season is well under way.   Many kids are spending hours each day involved in hard, physical activity--they are learning the games and how to be better at them.  Unfortunately, many kids don’t properly consider the dangers that can occur on the playing field, and therefore do not properly protect themselves during play. 

Make Sure Your Children Know Their History

Researching and understanding one’s own family medical history is a great way to learn more about our rich genetic heritage--and a great way to help prevent serious issues from arising in the future.  Our genes play a vital role in our overall health, as there is a whole host of illnesses, disorders, and conditions that are hereditary, many of which are chronic and/or deadly to leave unchecked.  Cancers, diabetes, blood conditions, cardiovascular diseases--all have some sort of connection to a patient’s particular genetic code.