School Lunchtime

With the trip back to school, comes a special issue for parents to fret about: lunchtime.  It is vitally important for parents to know what their children are eating and drinking throughout the day, as nutrition plays a vital role in how well a student is situated for learning.  Hunger and a lack of energy will set your kids up for failure from the get-go. 

Get Ready for the New School Year

As the school year kicks off, many children are preparing to dive deep into their preferred sports.  Because of the intense physical challenges that can come from schoolyard athletics, students are required to receive a physical check up from a doctor to assure they have the ability and health required to participate in such events.  These preparticipation physical exams, or PPEs, determine whether or not the child is allowed to be involved.   School sports physicals are non-invasive, and they can be divided into two basic parts:

The Origin of Pediatrics

For the vast majority of human history, doctors cared for the young and old alike without any particular specializations.  Though some medical practitioners made reference to or wrote about issues that commonly affect children, there was no specific field dedicated to childhood medical care.  It was not until recent centuries that we began to recognize the special difficulties and unique needs that children may have with regards to medical care.