Parenting Tip: When is your child too sick for school?

Is suffering from common cold and cough a reason enough to skip school? Read to find out.

  • Fever – Your child isn’t fit for school if he has fever more than 99.5 degree F. He should stay at home and take proper medicine according to a doctor’s prescription. And before you reach out for help, do not forget to get started with the basics at home by following a few simple tips.
  • Red Eye- Child is good to go to school if it is due to an allergy and he or she is not in any sort of pain. The child should not go to school if it is associated with watering or stickiness. It is also advisable to not rub her eye and wash it with clear water immediately and consult an eye specialist as soon as possible. Also with digital eye strain increasingly becoming a common condition, it’s important for parents to keep an eye on their kids.
  • Diarrhoea- Your child can go to school if diarrheal episodes are less than 2-3/day. Anything more than this can be trouble, and it might be stomach infection, food poisoning, etc. In this case, she should not to go to school.
  • Sore Throat- Your child can go to school if suffering from a sore throat not accompanied by fever. But if there is pain in throat during swallowing food, or even drinking water or fever, then it might be throat infection or any other associated problem and it is advisable to not let your child go to school. Having said that, parents should note that a sore throat on its own can be quite irritating and can affect your daily life. So, to help you tide over the symptoms of a sore throat do follow a few tips to relieve the discomfort and stop its progression to a cough.
  • Cough- There are different kinds of coughs that your child can suffer from. But cough lasting for more than eight weeks can be termed as chronic and may be due to several conditions like nasal allergytuberculosisacid reflux disease (GERD) or asthma.
  • Cold- Your child can go to school if she is suffering from simple cold. But if there are symptoms like body ache, fever, rashes, etc, then it can be some major problem. Do not take it lightly and immediately consult a doctor for check up.
  • Stomach Ache- Child can go to school if pain is not severe and not accompanied by loose stools or vomiting. But children are not always giving excuse of stomach ache to stay at home. Sometimes it could be genuine. Consult your pediatrician immediately and do not self medicate.