Needing to Snooze?

"Raising little kids is exciting and fun, but it's also incredibly challenging—especially when it comes to sleep. The first year of new parenthood tends to be the sleepiest, as a new baby develops the ability to sleep longer stretches and adjust to the schedule and flow of the household. Even after the first year, kids' illnesses, nightmares, separation anxiety, early rising patterns, and more can make healthy and consistent sleep difficult for parents.

Still, moms and dads should not just accept sleepiness as a way of life; there are ways to improve sleep for both kids and parents that will make a difference. In the newborn months, for example, it can help to have baby sleeping close by so feeding and soothing is convenient. If possible, parents can rotate night shifts with baby—one parent sleeping in another room (or even simply wearing earplugs) so as to protect that parent's sleep. During this time, many moms and dads also find it important to take naps during the day while baby sleeps and go to bed very early."


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