Ways to Entertain Your Child on a Plane

With Spring Break right around the corner, travel could be in your future.

Easy travel games, products and ideas that will help get you and your kids through a long flight

Samuel L. Jackson was terrified of snakes on a plane. But the tough guy never dealt with an energetic toddler on a five-hour flight to Grandma’s house. Now that’sscary.


But you don’t need to worry. All you need to do is print and save this list. You’ll find 50 fabulous ways to pass the time, without annoying fellow passengers or running into TSA restrictions (play-dough, glue sticks and ninja throwing stars are all in the “forbidden” category, no matter how much your toddler may enjoy them at home).

Pick your favorite lightweight, no-fuss options from the following list. Go ahead, have a good time on the plane. They aren’t charging you for that—yet.

  • Play a gentle game of catch with a mini Koosh Ball.

  • Create a sticky situation with small, inexpensive Dover Little Activity Books; choose from stickers, paper dolls and dot-to-dot.

  • Play a fun game without worry that you’ll lose the pieces with this magnetic game set.  

  • Surprise your child on the plane with coloring pages of a favorite character, like these Sesame Street printables.

  • Spin string through different farm animals with lacing boards

  • Use beeswax crayons, rectangular crayons or glitter crayons (look for ones that won’t roll away) on a variety of papers stapled together: coloredtracing and textured.

  • Can’t find any rainbows out the airplane window? Make your own with a kaleidoscope.

  • Retell a fairy-tale story with finger puppets, like the Three Little Pigs.

  • Make necklaces with paper clips, and add beads for more silly pizzazz.

  • Surprise your child with new lift-the-flap board books, like this fun book set.

  • Mix up a silly cake (don’t forget the imaginary twigs and dirt) using a kiddie spoon, fork and measuring spoons from home. Bonus: It’ll taste better than anything the airline serves.

  • Keep little fingers busy with some Moon Sand.

Source credit: https://www.parenting.com/gallery/60-ways-entertain-kids-plane